Arts and culture, history and tradition: Love Genoa!

Genoa The Superb, Genoa The Dominant of the Seas... a city full of charm and tradition, in a word Genoa!

Thanks to the central position of Hotel Metropoli, you can walk across the “caruggi” and alleys of the city center to discover the palaces, the museums and the other beauties of Genoa.


Palaces to visit in Genoa

Some of the most beautiful palaces in Europe are located in Genoa. Once used as private homes, these real treasures have now become museums.

Start your tour from Palazzo dei Rolli, declared World Heritage Site from the UNESCO in 2006, unique and unforgettable setting of your walk through in the city. 

Then, remember to stop in Palazzo Ducale! Seat of the government until the XIII century, it is currently one of the main attractions of Genoa: unique exhibitions in Italy, cultural events and initiatives, as well as festival and concerts.

In Palazzo San Giorgio resided the most ancient bank in the world: The Banco San Giorgio, which gives the name to the palace. According to stories, Napoleon drew money from the Banco San Giorgio to established the Bank of France.


Discover the history of Genoa and the events and initiatives recommended by Hotel Metropoli


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